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Furniture Glides & Floor Protectors FurniSlip Soft 1.30" X 0.75" (33 X 19 mm) - 16 pcs.



Brand: FurniSlip
Model: FurniSlip Soft 1.30" X 0.75" (33 X 19 mm)
Quantity: 16 pcs.
Materials: ABS plastic, high quality nickel plated steel
Warranty: 5 years


Quiet and easy moving of furniture and floor protection.
Furniture glides and floor protectors for usage on soft flooring surfaces: all kinds of nylon and polyester flooring, all kinds of carpet and rug floors...
Suitable for: chairs, tables, stools, sofas, drawers, beds, wardrobes and other furniture from massive wood.
Suitable for wooden legs dimensions: from 1.30'' X 0.75'' to 1.55'' X 1.00'' (from 33 X 19 mm to 40 X 25 mm).
A new easy way of fitting: place the FurniSlip onto the desired spot and use a hammer to make it fit on the furniture leg surface flatly.

Installation Video

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