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Why Furniture Glides & Floor Protectors FurniSlip ?

For all types of flooring 

(Suitable for all types of hard and soft flooring surfaces)

 New innovative way to install 

(A new way of fitting ensuring the sustainability and does not damage your furniture or floors)

Fast, easy and safe to install 

(Installation on one piece of furniture (4 glides) will take you only 1 min. , without any effort)

Shock resistible 

(Furniture can be moved and lifted without fear of damaging them or floors)

For all types of wooden furniture 

(Suitable for all kinds of massive wood and all kinds of furniture)

Made of high quality materials 

(Carefully selected top quality materials and handwork are distinguished by all of our products)

Without the risk of cracking wood 

(Excluding drilling and fractured legs of your furniture)

Long-lasting performance: 5 year warranty 

(Quality materials ensuring long life)

Satisfaction guaranteed 

(If you are not satisfied with our product, we will replace it for a new one or give your money back)


FurniSlip are new innovative furniture glides and floor protectors – you only hammer it in with a tubular rivet – a »hollow nail«.


Advantages of tubular rivets in comparison with a nail or a screw: tubular rivet is made of high quality nickel steel and in the PVC material it has a several times bigger load-carrying surface than that of a nail or a screw, so the construction hardness is much stronger and thus the chance of breakage is much smaller. The tubular rivet is nickel coated, which makes it rust-free and wear-resilient. When it enters in the wooden leg, its laser sharpened point enables it to be hammered into wood with ease and safely – no previous wood preparation necessary, and no risk of wood breaking or splitting (e.g. of a table or chair leg). Even though it does not sink into the wood as deep as a nail or a screw, the tubular rivet has more stick because if its larger surface. The mortise in the tubular rivet makes the hold even stronger and prevents the slip from turning inside the wood.

FurniSlip furniture glides and floor protectors to move furniture along hard flooring has a slipping surface from needle-woven textile of 6 mm thickness. They can be used for the flooring of surfaces with much load and wear.

FurniSlip furniture glides and floor protectors are made from high-end materials. Much of the production process is hand worked. Each piece is hand-fished and checked, which reduces the opportunity for technical or manufacturing flaws to a minimum.


...That's why furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip!  

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