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    Furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip add additional value to your products 

    Each manufacturer and furniture designer wants to make his product stand out and be better, more creative and different from others. Clients and final customers can choose among the numerous products on the market, so it is even more important to make an effort even more and go one step further in order to gain their attention and attract interest in your products. Our team at Furnislip has made a brilliant solution for this purpose: furniture glides & floor protectors Furnislip packed in a gift sachet wherein in each are packed 4 furniture glides, and is usually wrapped around the leg on each piece of furniture. Thus, the attached (wrapped, glued) sachet will make the piece of furniture stand out and attract more customers view and interest from other products.

    You can choose the sachets from the type of material and color to match your furniture and give it even better, unique look. Then, you can choose between four basic dimensions of furniture glides depending on the type of the floor. As you know the size of your furniture legs – the decision for dimensions will be easy; but since it is impossible to predict which type of flooring has the new buyer, we advise to purchase two sachets for one piece of furniture: in one are furniture glides for hard flooring (for hardwood, parquet and laminated floor, ceramic and stone tiles) and in another for soft flooring (for carpet, nylon and polyester floors). The end customer can choose which of the furniture glides suits on their type of floors.


    FurniSlip furniture glides & floor protectors as additional product and reflection of professionalism

    Furniture showrooms, salons and shops, flooring production and shops, shops for home accessories and others can enhance their offer by adding hand-finished furniture glides & floor protectors Furnislip. This is especially recommended when customers are purchasing furniture or floor coverings; as this is telling the customers that you care for their furniture and flooring, while creating a sense of professionalism and consequently increasing sales in all departments. We assure you that the customers will be grateful and will recommend your services to others. For this purpose, we offer you the collection of furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip, for soft and hard flooring protection, packed in packages of 16 pieces and the collection of furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip packed in gift sachet, which contains 4 furniture glides and is added to one piece of furniture individually.


    The secret lies in tiny attentions

    Interior designers, after finishing furnishing your customers home, you can tie a gift sachet with 4 furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip inside, suitable for customers type of flooring, on each wooden chair. It will cost you only a few dollars, but the impression that you leave the customer is invaluable.

    Remember: your signature is hidden in the details.


    Protect your floors, furniture and stop the disturbing squeak

    The problem faced by almost every owner of hotel, motel, restaurant, bar and other catering establishments; and which has inspired us to create a collection of high-quality furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip; is the disturbing squeaking sound of moving chairs. Besides the disturbing squeak of chairs, which disturbs the guests during their valuable time and leaves poor impression, at the same time contributes to the quicker destruction of your floor. As the chairs do not slide smoothly across the floor, they are rapidly becoming loose and wears on the chair legs which lead to tilting chairs. Problems, related to improper protection or no protection of your chairs, may cost you more in comparison with the adequate protection of your furniture on time. The annoying squeak of chairs, which disturbs and repels guests, cannot be evaluated. As an answer to this problem, we have developed a collection of high-quality furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip suitable for soft and hard flooring. They are distinguished by long durability, smooth and stealthy movements of the chairs, do not damage the chairs nor the floor coverings and are easy to install. They are intended for all the places which are attended by a larger number of guests, which causes increased movement of the chairs and consequently a higher burden on the floor. You can buy them per piece, according to your flooring and dimensions of the wooden legs of chairs. This is how you will protect your floors, chairs and eliminate the annoying squeak sound of the chairs. All the furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip, purchased by the piece, have a 3-year warranty.


    Become Our Associate

    Would you like to add the furniture glides & floor protectors Furnislip to your own offer? Wish to represent the brand products FurniSlip? We invite you to engage with us.

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    Be original; give your business partners and clients a useful gift

    Why not treat your business partners by giving them a nice, memorable and useful gift? Furniture glides FurniSlip, packed in a gift bag with 4 pieces of furniture glides (for each piece of furniture) or in a unique natural eco-gift box with 16 pieces of furniture glides, is the perfect choice for every occasion.

    Have your own idea about the appearance and content of gift packages?

    According to your wishes, we can customize the corporate gifts by the type of material and preferred printed specifications of furniture glides and your company.

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