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    Delivering quality & satisfaction to our customers over 20 years

    Fidia Medi d.o.o. (Ltd) is sales force of company Bernny Roto d.o.o. (Ltd), a specialized company for furniture glides production, which is active in this line of business more than 20 years. During this time, we have been supplying our products and offering our services of fitting our product mostly to restaurants, hotels and similar food catering facilities, as well as public institutions. Through Merkur sales network and our corporate partners, we also offered our products to all households in our country and abroad. Our first technological solutions were based on a single nail, then on three nails, but through years of experience, we developed the know-how that enables us to guarantee product durability. Our products can be in use for up to 12 years, provided that the product is used according to our recommendations of use — even when used in professional, catering business. Even in such hard conditions of use, our products do not show much wear or tear. Several years ago our engineers tried a new, innovative way of fitting glides to wood. This new way is faster and wood-friendly, what makes the glides ever more wear-and-tear resilient and durable.

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    FurniSlip. Furniture Glides & Floor Protectors for Wooden Furniture.

    +386 41 744 353

    Company name:
    FIDIA MEDI retail & services, Ltd.

    Ulica Franje Koširjeve 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Tax no.:
    SI 92203671

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    Bank account:
    IBAN SI56 1010 0005 4715 367, open at BANKA KOPER d.d.

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