✓ Avoid noisy furniture moves

✓ Protect furniture and floorings from damages caused by moving – prolong lifespan

✓ Protect furniture from damages caused by wet cleaning

✓ Ensure easy cleaning beneath and behind wardrobes & beds

✓ Ensure non-disturbing cleaning

✓ Save time & money

Moving the furniture shall be smooth and calm. WHEN? While cleaning – to avoid noisy squeak of chairs, tables, to clean dust behind wardrobes and beds. WHY? The guests in your hospitality rooms might find it disturbing any time 24/7. Proper use of furniture glides will make sure the room cleaning is possible whenever necessary without producing annoying sounds. Quality glides, as well as careful selection of glides will prolong the lifespan of furniture and the flooring.

FLOORING – especially the sensitive one – can be well protected using the proper glides on chairs and tables. However – cheap or poorly designed glides can do more damage than no glide at all. If a single glide (i.e. the one using a plain nail for fitting) is broken, the nail which remains in a chair leg will do its scratching the floor for days until you find the source of damaging.
FURNITURE – if any furniture moves (chairs regularly, wardrobes occasionally) hardly, or producing noise and vibrations, over time becomes loosen, damages occur and the furniture’s lifespan shortens.

Typical issues in HO RE CA
Design / redesign a dining hall – the object has now brand new parquet and beautiful new chairs. However, the chairs are equipped with basic plastic nail glides. The chair manufacturer's primary goal is to design and sell comfortable beautiful chairs. He doesn't have a clue what type of flooring you have chosen for your object. Prior to damage be done, plan also on what glides your chairs will rest so the ambient really feels cozy, free from chair-squeaking, and the flooring stays shiny for years.
Choose amongst the variety of FurniSlip furniture glides to fit your chair-sliding needs, and to fit your chair-leg design.

Wardrobes and beds in hotel rooms rest on hard flooring (luxury vinyl, parquet, ceramics). You have to clean the dust and other dirt beneath and behind. There is nearly never the right time to do it as moving the furniture always disturbs your guests.  
See and choose amongst our DuraSlip high-quality self-adhesive furniture pads which can be stuck on almost any surface, include. plastic, metal, wood. If your furniture rests on vertical wooden legs, you might consider our heavy-duty XL/XXL FurniSlip furniture glides.

So the time has come to replace the worn-out glides on app 500 chairs. You want to do it efficiently as you only have 2 employees to do it. Assuming you have purchased FurniSlip furniture glides – it will take app. 30 seconds to boot one chair. However, the most time-consuming job will be pulling out the old ones; they might break as the nails might get rusty. Or, some glides might be completely worn out so only nails remain, which you can't pull out without damaging chair-leg. In this case, if the nail-cap is not too wide, tap the nail into the leg to the full, and tap-in the FurniSlip furniture glide over that old nail.

Ceramic flooring is long-lasting but has to be cleaned using liquid. Your staff is in a hurry and puts chairs back on the floor while ceramic is still wet. The cheap felt glides will wear out very soon for that felt consists of many pressed layers – those layers will soon part and felt will simply vanish. The chairs with no glides on will soon show signs of presence of water in the wood and thus start to degrade.

FurniSlip glides will prevent moist to enter the wooden chair-legs, while the FurniSlip Hard uses is needle-punched PA6 fibres which is much more water and peel resistant.

The cafe owner has massive wooden chairs resting on rough ceramic floor. He spends hours and hours every couple of months replacing self-adhesive felt pads on chair legs.
Self-adhesive glides can’t do their job at high frequency of ruthless moving of chairs. He should use FurniSlip Hard instead. Along with smooth chair sliding for years, he will also save time & money.

Outdoor terrace chairs and tables might be made of metal legs and glides (tube plastic plugs) might be worn-out. Replacement plastic plugs can be found in this web store. Terrace/outdoor ground might be quite uneven. Unbalanced tables with metal legs of various shapes can be solved with our adjustable levelling feet, pairing with the proper threaded insert.



✓ Plan interior floor/furniture design – estimate the furniture moves as well

✓ Check status of the existing and availability of replacement chair/table glides

✓ Plan protection of furniture & floorings from damages – your added value for clients

✓ Plan protection of furniture from damages caused by wet cleaning

✓ Ensure easy cleaning beneath and behind wardrobes & beds

✓ Save your client’s time & future maintenance costs

While interior designing and planning, the client's priorities might be focused on visual aspects of building's interior, often neglecting important details. Your furniture and flooring selection shall answer some key questions to avoid troubles the client might face after a while:

What flooring will the furniture rest on? Hard (rough), hard (glazed), hard (parquet), soft (carpet)?
Frequency of moving chairs/tables?
Frequency of cleaning (moving heavy pieces of furniture)?
Wet or dry cleaning?
Furniture legs – metal, metal/plastic tubes, wood?

Any furniture will rest on some feet, felt, glides or even levelling feet. But, take under consideration that chairs and tables legs are manufactured in endless number of shapes and sizes. This is the main issue when planning furniture on any type of HARD flooring; to prevent noisy movement of furniture, the glides on hard flooring should have a SOFT sliding surface. The rougher the flooring, the faster sliding surface will wear out. The thinner the furniture legs the smaller the glide's sliding surface. The smaller the glide's sliding surface, the faster wear-out. There is no formula for the glides lifespan to be estimated, but what thorough and careful planning can do is to answer:

Selected furniture has wooden legs. The manufacturer can’t know what type of glides we need. Are there the right glides in the market to fit my client's needs? Check FurniSlip and our claims.

Glides quality: any glides will wear out over time, or might be broken during usage. Once it happens, is there a chance the worn out / broken glide will do severe damage to the flooring? FurniSlips do not break easily. If they do, and when worn out, they will not cause damage to the flooring – for they don't base on nail-fitting.

The client has chosen sensitive, antique chairs and tables with very thin wooden legs. Is there any glides manufacturer in the market who guarantee the leg will not crack while fitting the glide and while using the furniture? FurniSlips do not break any legs, their fitting is proven non-invasive for any wooden legs.

Selected furniture has metal legs with factory built-in glides. Does the manufacturer guarantee the replacement glides and for how long (i.e. 5 years)? Is there a replacement glide available in the market? Please do your search on FurniSlip website or check with your manufacturer.



✓ Ensure calm and smooth furniture moves

✓ Prevent any user disturbance caused by chair/table squeaking

✓ Improve institution’s ambient sensation

✓ Protect floorings from damages caused by moving chairs & tables

✓ Protect furniture from damages caused by moving and wet cleaning

✓ Save time & maintenance costs

One of the main values of public institutions is to ensure a peaceful ambient. The users must be able to fully concentrate either on reading, listening, and other forms of consuming various topics and contents. There are many factors which might interrupt user’s focus. Noisy, irritating sounds coming from furniture moves are one of them. And - quite easy to avoid if taking proper care of furniture’s feet.

Select the right furniture glides:

There is no universal glide which can do its job both on hard and soft flooring. Soft flooring (carpets) will require a hard sliding surface of a glide, while hard flooring the opposite – soft sliding surface.

Depending on sliding needs, your maintenance manager will choose either glides which slide furniture with ease or glides which prevent irritating noises.

Check your furniture leg shape and size on the bottom of the leg. Choose glides which fit best to legs’ shape and size. Do not choose much smaller sized glide as the leg sliding surface is, for optimum furniture and floor protection.

Choose glides which technology assures firm construction and mounting onto furniture legs. Also see the glides are easy to remove & replace.



✓ Ensure safe usage of chairs and tables

✓ Avoid squeaking noises in classrooms and dormitories

✓ Protect chairs / tables from loosening and breaking

✓ Protect floorings from damages caused by ruined, improper glides

✓ Discourage kids from rocking on chairs

✓ Save time & maintenance costs

Gamesome, playful kids seem to not treat the school furniture with enough respect. Chairs / tables are exposed to heavy usage throughout the day. However, damage done can’t compare to the safety we want for our children. We in FurniSlip team are no different. We all want our kids to use chairs as safely as possible.

The vast majority of chair glides are quite dangerous. WHY? They are not designed for brutal handling with chairs like kids do at schools. The danger potential comes from poorly constructed glides. Made from poor plastic and held in wood with plain nails, they might break or fall off the chair leg. A nail extending from a chair leg, or such nail-in glide lying on the floor is dangerous for kids’ feet and hands – might cause scratches, wounds and infections. Speaking of kindergarten, a lost glide might even end in a kid’s mouth… FurniSlip glides are made to last – quality ABS plastic strongly bonded with a tubular rivet is a guarantee for a strong construction to bear even ruthless handling. The tubular rivet anchoring the glide in the chair leg, despite only 5 mm depth, will always keep the glide in place.

Quality glides will really glide on the floor. Kids are prone to rocking on back chair legs and thus surely contribute to loosen the chair construction. The latter damage occurs in case of poor glides which lose anti-vibration effect over period of time. FurniSlip might discourage kids from rocking on chairs – this is quite impossible if the chair is sliding easily, while the anti-vibration feature FurniSlips are known for, will be kept for years of usage.

The kids can hardly sit still. The teachers and thus the educational process will not be disturbed by squeaking chairs during classes if using FurniSlip.

The maintenance staff is constantly on the watch for ruined furniture or its parts. Should glides be the case, FurniSlips are easy to mount and will save time to any school caretaker.

A lot of schools have metal-legged chairs and tables, made of round or square metal tubes, and even sled-designed furniture legs. Our web store provides an arsenal of tube plastic plugs which can be used as furniture glides, as well as some saddle feet to be used on horizontal sled legs.



✓ Proper glides – an added value in terms of customer care

✓ Ask furniture buyers about the flooring type

✓ Extend the lifespan of your customer’s new furniture and floorings

✓ Save the customer from his neighbor’s complaints

✓ Earn more by selling quality glides

When purchasing new furniture, our focus is on comfort, design, and price. The retailer is there to make profit and to make a customer happy – a returning customer. Once the customer has chosen the furniture, the retailer might believe the job is done. There’s a way to make the customer happier. The retailer can make a stronger bond with the customer.

Ask about the flooring which the furniture will rest on. How often will the chair, table, wardrobe be moved – offer the customer the FurniSlip solution. FurniSlip is a collection of nail-on furniture glides and self-adhesive furniture pads for almost any type of furniture on any type of flooring.

FurniSlip accessories will make the customer satisfied. He will be confident in your customer care, he will return to your shop. Because – you care. You extended the lifespan of his/her new furniture.

Your customer’s neighbor will not hear the squeaking and other annoying sounds as a result of furniture moving across the apartment. If vice-versa, your customer might suggest his neighbor to go to your shop for a handful of FurniSlips to sleep in peace again…

Last but not least: making some more added value on every piece of furniture will turn the retailer’s figures towards black rather than red.

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