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FurniSlip furniture glides & floor protectors advantages in comparison to other furniture glides

It's very likely you have already tried using self-adhesive furniture felt pads or the ones attached by a nail or screw. Let's see a comparison between all furniture glides and floor protectors.

Self-adhesive felt pads

They are usually made of felt, and they stick to the legs of chairs and tables. They are an affordable solution, but will peel off after a month or two...Before you notice, the floors are no longer protected.The glue stays on the legs of chairs and tables to collecting dirt and hair. Just think of the way that would look! The chairs will screech again; the floors will no longer be protected, and everything you did would be in vain.

Furniture glides on a nail or screw

These are made of plastic or have a plastic bonded felt. Usually have a slightly longer life. However, they are expensive and often the problem occurs during installation, because you must drill a hole in the table or chair leg to attach the slider, so it does not ruin (crack) the leg. Another drawback is the connection between the slider and the nail. When the chair moves, it emits vibrations that loosen the slider, while the nail remains in place. Often the sliders brakes off the nail. When it breaks, a tiny part of the nail is left without the felt pad. With one pull of the chair, you'll have a rough scratch on your floor.

FurniSlip furniture glides & floor protectors

With FurniSlip furniture glides & floor protectors, you can say goodbye to all those troubles. You can only hammer them into the legs of your furniture and thus your furniture and the flooring is protected against scratches and wear, and you and your neighbour downstairs are protected against the annoying squeaking of wooden legs against the flooring. So it lasts for many years! Maybe one day you will throw away the chairs and the table, but before throwing them out, you will carefully remove the FurniSlip furniture glides & floor protectors and use them on your new furniture.