Every piece of furniture needs glides!

Furniture - old or new, in a crispy state or not... Every piece of furniture (with some minor exceptions) must be moved, pushed away or pulled somewhere sometime. The chairs are moved on a daily basis, the tables a bit more rarely, wardrobes when we start the spring cleaning or if we decide to do a paint job.

And then the chairs and the table squeak and their legs get stuck in the splits in the flooring and because the furniture is not sliding long the floor smoothly, it can get wobbly, and the floor is scratched and worn. Also, squeaky furniture is pretty annoying, and it annoys the neighbours even more than us, and it can even wake up the baby who has finally dozed off after a long struggle.

Parquet floor scratches

Scratched hardwood floor.

Have you ever considered the price of trying to repair the wobbly chairs and table, or the price of buying a new set of chairs and table? And what an expensive nuisance it is to have the parquet polished anew or have the tiles replaced?

Surely you have already tried moving a heavy wardrobe away from the wall and have it almost fall over, or it got all wobbly, and when it finally moved, the sound was a horrible squeaking and crunching noise?

Have you ever noticed that wood takes in humidity if it is standing on somewhat wet flooring (outside or during regular wet cleaning) or if there is an accidental leak? Even in a millimeter of water, the wooden leg immediately starts taking in the water, just like a very dry cloth... it quickly changes color, attracts mold and even starts to swell and break.

These horrors can happen in every home, when our furniture is not adequately »shoed«. With the right choice of sliders we will protect the furniture as well as the flooring, so we can enjoy them for a long time. The wood will not take on humidity because it remain a few millimeters above ground and no one will be losing sleep due to our using our chair at the table during the wee hours of the night.

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