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Furniture Glides & Floor Protectors Inner View

Discover the inner structure of furniture glides & floor protectors FurniSlip.



A 6 mm needle-woven sole for extra long durability. Ensures silent and smooth moving of furniture.

Power root®

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Strong bond between the ABS plate and the rivet. Wide steel surface molded in the ABS plastic plate gives FurniSlip furniture glides a non-breakable personality.

Abs Plate®

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A platform made of HQ ABS plastic; highly resistant to hard hits, extremely firm and flexible at the same time.

Turn Break®

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Prevents from turning the furniture glides when in use. Especially important for square-designed FurniSlip furniture glides.

Furni Grip®

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A powerful nickeled tubular rivet made of high quality steel. Laser-sharp edge for easy fitting into any kind of wood. A rivet is non-invasive against the wood and when pulled out, the same furniture glide can be placed on the same spot with no grip loss or wood damage.